[ 22-06-2017 ]



Often during FIFA WORLD CUP or EURO CUP, people rush to learn and ask how do we make bets for football games. The truth is that most of the people would ask “WHAT IS HANDICAP?” Actually, there are various ways to place bets, eg: handicap, over&under, 1X2.


But today we’ll tell you about:- HANDICAP Handicap betting is a little complicated. Let me give you a brief explanation. In a match situation, handicap match betting gives one team or player a virtual deficit to overcome (a handicap) at the start of the event - the opponent receives a virtual start. You bet on who will win with the handicap taken into account. Handicap match betting also offers the opportunity to back the 'Handicap Tie' selection. Choosing this selection is effectively betting on the match finishing in a victory for the team receiving the virtual deficit (-1, -2 etc.) by the EXACT WINNING MARGIN offered.

This is best illustrated in an example, please read on: Manchester United vs.Arsenal ends in a 3-1 victory over Arsenal. Prior to the match the Handicap Match Betting was offered as follows: Arsenal (-1) 2/1 Handicap Tie (-1) 9/4 Manchester United (+1) Evs Backers of Arsenal (-1)' would be winners as Arsenal’s score after the handicap has been applied is greater than their opponents, 3 minus 1 = 2; this is greater than Manchester United's final score of 1. Backers of Manchester United (+1)' would lose as Manchester United's score after the handicap has been added on is not greater than their opponents, 1 plus 1 = 2; this is not greater than Arsenal's final score of 3. Important: The handicap is only ever applied to your chosen selection, IT IS NOT applied to both sides to determine settlement. Backers of 'H'cap Tie (-1)' would also lose as the finishing winning margin is not equal to the handicaps offered. In order for this market to win, the match would have had to have finished in an Arsenal victory by an exact 1 goal margin, e.g. Arsenal win 1-0, 2-1, 3-2 etc. If the handicaps offered would have been 'Arsenal (-2)', Manchester United (+2)' this selection would have been deemed the winner.

Important: People interested in betting on the 'Handicap Tie' market should consider the market as a whole. Remember that you are betting on the team receiving the deficit to win by the exact margin offered. Handicap is one of the most famous bet players bet on. It may be a little hard to understand but it actually gives you higher odds in when you win compared to the other betting. Hope you have an idea on what handicap betting is. Register now to boost your bonus to a max of 120% to place bets on football! Good luck!