IBC003 Affiliate Program
[ 20-03-2023 ]

IBC003 Affiliate Program

IBC003 Affiliate Program is an ideal program for beginners in betting affiliate programs, offering a great opportunity to start earning a side income while having fun at IBC003 Malaysia Online Casino.

The IBC003 Affiliate Program is a marketing program that allows affiliates to promote the IBC003 Malaysia Online Casino's high-quality products and services, such as online casino and live casino games, virtual sports betting, and sports betting with welcome bonuses, daily free bets, lucrative cashbacks, bonuses, and special rewards. Affiliates receive a minimum of 20% monthly commission from IBC003 Malaysia Online Casino.

Both new and existing affiliates will receive a regular 20% - 40% commission for every successful referral. The IBC003 Affiliate Program will run as long as affiliates continue to promote IBC003 Malaysia Online Casino as a leading sports betting platform in the world. Here’s an example of the profit sharing rate:

  ibc003 affiliate program payout rate

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Here's the Calculation: -

  • Total winning is deduct before calculating the bonus commission.
  • Upline entitle the commission is based on downlines lose amount.
  • For Example: Company Total Win:- Total Win 120000 and Bonus 20000.
  • (120000-20000) * 40% = 40,000 (Commission)


The IBC003 Affiliate Program offers all the tools and support that a beginner or experienced affiliate needs, including trusted Chat Support to answer queries, excellent security to secure personal information and remove spams, and quality control to help produce high-quality content to promote IBC003 products. This affiliate program is considered revolutionary with a purpose of helping affiliates grow their profits and advertising skills.

Overall, the IBC003 Affiliate Program is an excellent opportunity for new and upcoming applicants from any part of the world to become IBC003 affiliates or partners, as long as they can provide traffic for IBC003 Malaysia Online Casino. The program offers a corresponding extra commission based on performance and is the best way to have a monthly earning while helping IBC003 grow as a trusted sportsbook and betting platform not just in Malaysia and Singapore.

There are many reasons why you should join IBC003 Malaysia Online Casino, including their longstanding reputation as Asia's leading sports betting and online casino provider. IBC003 offers the best odds for all sports, including basketball, tennis, football, and cricket, and also offer world-class esports, online slots, and live casino games to provide an ultimate online gaming experience.

 Register and introduce IBC003 to your friends to become an affiliate of IBC003 today or enjoy gaming and winning money at IBC003 Malaysia Online Casino