[ 13-05-2020 ]

The Basics Of Playing Slot Games

Playing slots is fun, but there are a few key elements to online casino slots that every player ought to know before initiating game-play.

Reels And Pay Lines

Every slot game has to have a set of reels and resulting pay lines, also called bet lines. Reels are the ‘columns’ of the slot that contain the symbols which spin round and round. A pay line is a winning combo of symbols from the different rows.


To find out what the value of each combo is, you can head on over to the slot’s paytable which lays everything out for the player to understand.

Wild, Scatter, Bonus Symbols
Sometimes when spinning, you can land on special symbol which can be anyone of these: wild, scatter and bonus.
Wild symbols act as the ‘jokers’ of slot games – they can substitute any other symbol on the reels except for other special symbols.
Scatter symbols usually give out cash prizes or free spins.
Bonus symbols are the usually the most exciting symbols you can land because of their rewards.

Slot Payouts
The main thing about slots which has kept them so popular is that their equivalent of the ‘house edge’, which is called ‘slot hold percentage’ in the land of slot games, is minimal.
Impressively, most online slots have an amazing 96% – 98% payout rate.

Progressive Jackpots
Progressive jackpots are brilliant – with every second that ticks by, the jackpot keeps going up and up. Just like magic.  Except we know it’s not magic. So how do progressive jackpots even work?
Every time someone plays a specific slot a small amount of money is shaved off of their bet to contribute to the progressive jackpot.
You don’t lose any money, or have any lesser chance of winning – but you are part of the magical reason why online progressive jackpots reach ridiculously high limits like RM200,000.

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