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    • MAGNUM
    • PMP
    • TOTO
    • SABAH
    • GDLotto
    • Perdana
    • LuckyHari-Hari

    Payout Table

    1ST 3,400
    2ND 1,200
    3RD 600
    SPECIAL 250

    Jackpot Rules:

    1. This promotional event open to all IBC003 member.
    2. Members can get one Lucky Pick 4D ticket for the day when minimum deposit MYR/SGD 100 or more.
    3. Maximum value of Lucky Pick 4D tickets up to MYR/SGD 10 & No limit of tickets.
      Example are below:-
      Deposit Amount Lucky Pick Number of Lucky Pick Ticket
      MYR/SGD 100 MYR/SGD 1 1
      MYR/SGD 1,000 MYR/SGD 1 10
      MYR/SGD 10,000 MYR/SGD 10 10
    4. Result of your winnings will be announce at 8:00PM (+8 GMT) everyday, and the winning prizes will be automatically deposited into the member's wallet after the draw.
    5. You can WIN up to MYR/SGD 100,000 JACKPOT bonus every day!
    6. This promotional event only applicable to member who deposit in our website except claiming BONUS more than 5%.
    7. If Gold member or above did not claim any bonus, the amount of Lucky Pick 4D tickets will be double (x2).
    8. The Lucky Pick 4D tickets is UNLIMITED